Augmented Reality (AR) application of the ATOMKI Tandetron Laboratory


The application shows the inside structure of the accelerator by means of the phone’s/tablet’s camera recognizes a suitable marker, and the 3D model is displayed from the memory. Then the user can look more and more inside the machine by switching layers. 

On the home screen the start button, developers, contact, and help are available. Here we can change the language by tapping the flag.

Tapping the “Start” word or icon will launch the main part of the app, the picture recognition. Here the “Home” icon in the top left corner will set you back to the home screen. The “Layers” icon changes the layers. When the last layer is reached, tapping it again will restart from the first layer. The “Info” icon toggles a small info box, in which the actually recognized item is explained.

The ATOMKI Tandetron Laboratory is a world-class, open-access research environment with a wide range of methods and tools, which provides outstanding opportunities for a multitude of research topics. We can provide a technical standard and work with a knowledge-based research community that ensures that the laboratory becomes an important component of international infrastructure networks and is also able to participate effectively in many large international projects.


As a result of the developed application, it is expected that more people will understand the working principle of this state-of-the-art machine, possibly orienting students to learn science. A short-term result can be envisaged too, i.e. modification of the software can be made such that it would be capable to show other scientific equipment, thus alow an easier understanding of other “black boxes”.


Marker1 – tank

The SF6 insulator gas allows achieving 2 MV voltage

Marker2 – Multicusp ion source

The Multicusp ion source can produce hydrogen or helium ion beams


Marker3 – Cesium sputter ion source for heavy ions

Various heavy ions can be produces from solid targets in this ion source

Marker4 – High voltage power supply

The cascade power supply is made of all-solid-state components, it does not contain moving parts